Environment Safety Compliance Academy


    As per Occupational Health and Safety Policy of India, Occupational Health, Safety and working Condition Code 2020, Social Security & Labor Code 2020.For the betterment of your employees  and business safety, We are happy to introduced ourselves and let me take this opportunity to support you in your all documentation supports  for the Environment Safety Legal Compliance Academy through Online Training programs followed by all national & international standards and legislations.                                 

    ABOUT US:-

    As you all are well aware that we are living in digital era which has changed the entire industrial business scenario in terms of Environment, Continual development in Indian Factory Act, National Building Code 2016 and updated entire Environmental Protection Act 1986, Water, Air, Plastics, Hazardous ,Solid & Bio Medical Waste, E-waste ,C& D waste management Rules, All types of Legal compliance audit & Reporting Code of Safety & Security as well. All government departments belong to industries have been operational online or digitally since last two three years but no one EHS organization started his support digitally to their clients. We have started the same to support your legal needs digitally training support to make you ‘AATAMNIRBHAR’

    DIRECTOR’s PROFILE:- Dr Devendra Singh, Registered Safety Professional (IBOEHS-USA) OSHA- OSHA Academy –USA (Manager/Certified Professional), M.Sc.-Environmental Sciences & Engineering from Pune during 1996-98 (Course equivalent  to ESE- IIT Mumbai), MBA- Environment & Industrial Safety Management, Doctorate in Management Studies, Sustainability Development, NEBOSH- IGC from U.K. He is a Law Graduate & Lead Auditor –OHSAS 18001 , LA ISO-45001 in 2020-21 from QCI & IRCA UK and I.A. ISO -14001 is a certified Trained the Trainer Professional as an EHS ,SEG,SDG ,GRI reporting professional.

      During his 24+ years’ service as an EHS Leader (Occupational Health, Fire Fighting, Emergency preparedness and Safety, Sustainability & Environ-Legal specialist / consultant within his career for many reputed national & multinational companies in the country. He has developed his skills through SKET and get Expertise in safety thinking on Z Axis for Accident and Incident prevention through STP/ BBS safety leadership management through his accident Investigation skills to find RCA as per IS & ICP and he is a life Member of many national and international safety organizations i.e. NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL vide E. No. NSC / MEM / CM-UP-379 / 2017-18.

       He has a start-up registered under Department of Industries and commerce Gov. of India vide DIPP No-62278. Dr Singh is associated and certified form Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC), Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI) for Programme on Basics & Regulatory Aspects of Pharmacovigilance for Optimizing Medicine Safety also.

      We understand that whatever you believe, if you conceive that then nature will support you to achieve that automatically due to cosmic energy support.

      OUR VISION :- We are to be making Safe Workplace, Happier Home & Healthier World. Givers Gain is the underlying philosophy of my life and business. We exemplify that by giving Healthy, Wealthy and Safe workplace to others.

     OUR MISSION: – Our Mission is to be created a true safety culture in India for AATMNIRBHAR BHARAT To provide awareness & education to all Industries, Institutions or Workplace for Safe Entry and Exit to Workman through top management commitment and policy integration .To create an ecosystem for Business Owners to achieve ZERO HARM & ZERO LEAK to assist them in sustainable business model with the understanding of their needs and support them.

“My Job is To Make Your Business Life Easier, Better, Legally and financially Safe.”

Dr. Devendra Khokhar

Managing Director at Conetment Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd, & CEO at Centre for Safety and Environment  

Mock emergency drill at v3s mall
bbs- stp implemented at ashok leyland pantnagar
Safety Leadership Team
EHS Legal Compliance training at TE connectivity -pune mh

adopted in GRI Reporting.100% Environmental compliance Cement, Construction, Paper, Pesticide, Sugar& Distillery Effluent - MVR, ZLD & P.Safety